Maker Adventures

The past two weeks I’ve been engaging in a module based around building and design technology. I’ve gained a plethora of skills and I’ve been able to learn a variety of things, including: wood-working, soldering, staining, coding, and more. The first few days I designed a corn hole with my group. Beginning the project we … More Maker Adventures

How Floating Schools can Affect the Lives of Many…

This week on I watched a video that discussed a new discovery in Lagos, a slum in Nigeria. This slum is home to around 1000 residents, mostly fishermen, who live on stilted-houses. Due to this lifestyle, they use canoes as they main mode of transportation. Recently, Makoko Floating School was built. A new, innovative … More How Floating Schools can Affect the Lives of Many…

A Story… The Eyris

This past month in Innovation Diploma, we began a module centered around a website called Strengths Quest on Gallop Finder. Strengths Quest is an online test to discover your passions, as well as your weaknesses. Our cohort all carved out 30 minutes to complete the test. Once you finish the test you are given five primary … More A Story… The Eyris


This past semester has been a whirlwind. I spent the first few months diving into the Innovation Diploma 4-year program, and while I still have so much to learn, I quickly adapted and accomplished several things. I recently finished a product design module, where we were given the prompt to create an item to better … More Reflection